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The Ultimate Computer Keyboard Comparison Chart

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Keyboards are a constantly developing input device on any system. Be it on mobile phones, desktops and laptops but finding the perfect keyboard is something that comes with lots of trial and error. As a writer, I spend hours everyday in front of my desktop typing away. I started of with using a single finger and over the last 2 years, I have been through 5 keyboards and no longer need to even look at my keyboard whilst typing.

That has come with lots of time experimenting,researching, using and breaking many keyboards. Which inspired me to put my knowledge of keyboards into good use and create an online resource that provides the best information possible for purchasing the best keyboard for you.

Requirements For Any Keyboard

In choosing a keyboard, you need to check of a few points in order to decipher the kind of keyboard that would best suit you. In the guide to follow, I will present you with 15 different keyboards, 5 of each kind based on 3 groups :
  1. Gaming Keyboards
  2. General Mechanical Keyboards
  3. Cool Keyboards
You will learn of the advantages and disadvantages of owning either a wired or wireless keyboard, standard or gaming and latest models in comparison to older models.

Let's take a moment to discuss a very important aspect to keyboard design, Ergonomics. Over the last decade the focus of keyboards have been catered to creating a keyboard that causes less physical harm to the human body, in specific your hands and fingers. Why? In the past, excessive use of any keyboard led to what many people refer to as Repetitive Stress Injury. 

These means that the constant stress your fingers go through by typing on a keyboard that isn't designed properly led to injuries that just kept on coming back. In order to combat this, keyboards are being constantly redesigned to eliminate physical issues that result from excessive use as well as discomfort such as loud noises from typing and so forth.

Over time, keys tend to break, slow response time, keys stop working altogether, becomes loud and creaky. Thus, keyboards now offer you new and added improvements such as :
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Lighted keys for better vision
  • Fluid motion keys 
  • Slimmer design
  • Wireless as compared to wired
  • Compact
  • Tough and Reliable
  • More Functions
What's The Best Keyboard?

Unfortunately, there is no one best keyboard but there are best keyboards and below are 15 of the best keyboards I have ever used in my life. These really rank to be the bests and will provide you with the best interface and usage you've ever experienced.

The chart below will feature the best keyboards and cool keyboards which really are worth the investment. You will be made aware off the name, price, features and ratings. I have chosen keyboards that are wireless, wired, solar powered, Bluetooth keyboards and general mechanical keyboards. I guarantee you that if you're looking to buy a computer keyboard, the keyboards listed below are the Best. I would also like to add that when it comes to purchasing a strong, tough and ergonomic keyboard, none of the items listed below will disappoint.

The Ultimate Computer Keyboard Comparison Chart 
Keyboard Name

 2.2p  NoYes(USB)    $$
Perixx PX-1100
 3.5p  NoYes(USB)     $$
Logitech G105
 2.6p  No Yes(USB)      $$
Logitech G19 Programmable
4.2p  NoYes(USB)      $$$
AGPtek® Keyboard
 2p  NoYes(USB)       $$
Genius GX-Gaming

3.9p  NoYes(USB)      $$
Mad Catz V.7
 4.6p  NoYes(USB)       $$
Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E.5

6.2pNoYes(USB)       $$$
Corsair Vengeance K60

4.2pNoYes(USB)        $$

Wireless Keyboard Chart
Keyboard Name

Logitech K400
 1.3p  Yes    No     $$
Favi FE01-BL Mini
  1p  Yes   No     $$
Anker® Ultra-Slim
  1.2p  Yes   No      $$
Hausbell ® Mini H7
   1p  Yes  No      $$
Logitech Solar K750
   2.4p   Yes   No       $$
Logitech MK710

   3.7p  Yes  No      $$
Diablotek HAWKPECK
   1.7p  Yes  No       $$
Logitech TK820

   2.2p  Yes  No       $$
Samsung VG-KBD2000

 2p   Yes   No        $$
Logitech K360

 1.6p   Yes   No         $$

What is a Wireless Keyboard?

Think of your xbox or ps3 controllers, aren't they wireless? Similarly, a wireless keyboard operates the same way. Without the need for having a wired connection, you can use your keyboard from any place within your room. If you ask me, that's a hell of a lot better than being restricted to type at a desk for hours on end.

All in all, these wireless keyboards are the best for working in a small environment. It gives you that extra bit of freedom to place the keyboard just about anywhere in the room to get your work done. Most of all, it rules not having a bunch of cables all running around your desktop setup.

What is a Solar Powered Keyboard?

These wireless keyboards that I have just spoke about need some way to be powered. Generally, standard battery's are used to power up wireless keyboards however technology has created the option of Solar powered keyboards. Your keyboard, uses light from the environment to power itself in order for you to use which makes the use of batteries redundant in most cases.

Check out this amazing video of the Logitech Solar Powered Keyboard to get a better idea of how amazing these solar charged keyboards are :

A List of Requirements to check for when searching for the best keyboard :
  • Is it reliable based on reviews?
  • Is it noisy or soft fluid like when typing?
  • Wireless or Wired?
  • Are there extra commands and functions for gaming?
  • Does the design appeal to you but most of all, does it suit your computer?
  • Guarantee/Warranty on the keyboard?
  • Do the keys Light up?
  • Solar powered or not?
  • Compatible with most desktop systems?
  • Perfectly Ergonomic for your use?

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